origin of the rootstocks

Most of the rootstocks used in Europe descend from the following species:

  • Vitis riparia:
    The River Bank Grape comes from the north east of the USA and the Canadian part around the great lakes and the Finger Lakes.
    - good resistance against phylloxera on the roots, but susceptible to the galls on the leaves.
    - good rooting ability
    - low lime tolerance
    - good frost resistance

  • Vitis berlandieri:
    This native species which is also called Fall grape is originated from the southern part of the United states (Texas, New Mexico).
    - very good lime tolerance
    - good resistance against phylloxera on the roots
    - low rooting ability
    - good drought resistance

  • Vitis rupestris:
    The origin of the rock grape are the central, southern states of the USA (Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma). Normally she makes only little bushes on a barren country
    - medium lime tolerance
    - good/very good resistance against phylloxera on the roots
    - early budding

  • Vitis cinerea:
    This species is native to the southwest of the USA.
    - total resistance against phylloxera
    - low lime tolerance
    - low rooting ability
    - very vigorous