A cross made by Prof. Dr. Müller from the swiss canton Thurgau. He worked at the Research station of Geisenheim in 1882.

Cross:    Riesling    x    Madleine Royal (=Chasselas de Courtillier)


RieslingxSylvaner, Rivaner

Requirements to the vineyard site:

Mueller Thurgau is an undemanding variety, for that reason it is often planted on sites with less sun. But anyway it it one of the earliest varieties in Germany.


 Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria


For a long time Riesling and Sylvaner were called the parents of Mueller Thurgau, but a few years ago this was confute by the aid of genetic methods. The father Madleine Royal is also called Chasselas des Courtellier, which show the relationship to Chasselas.


The differences between the clones are not that big as in Pinot noir. Loose bunches are also here the aim of many breeders.

  • FR 1
  • FR 2
  • FR 3
  • D 100 (=Durlach 100)
  • D 505
  • AF 1
  • 2 Gm
  • 3 Gm
  • 4 Gm
  • 68-10 Gm
  • 68-13 Gm
  • 68-16 Gm

FR 3

Especially in Baden this clone is spread very well. Good productivity and good sugar content



D 505

D 505 is after FR 3 the most planted clone in Baden. The differences are very small. Sometimes it seems that D 505 is a little bit more loose



68-10 Gm

68-10 Gm is a quite old clone, but it wasn't propagated for a long time. Now he comes again, because of its thick skin, which gives a sort of resistance against Botrytis.



68-13 Gm

This is also a clone which was selected quite a long time ago (1968). Because of the lower productivity and good sugar content it gets popular again.



68-16 Gm

68-16 Gm has lower yield with higher sugar content. He is therefore an alternative to the previous clones at the moment.