Chasselas rosé


The Gutedel is one of the most ancient varieties of grapes. In many countries it is grown as a table grape. For winemaking, he is still only used in few areas such as: Switzerland, Germany (Markgraeflerland), Alsace. Chasselas rosé is a mutation of the Chasselas blanc.


Gutedel, Fendant, Moster, Dorin 

Requirement to the site:

The requirements to the site where Chasselas is planted are a bit higher then Mueller-Thurgau. Especially the long time of flowering favourites a wind-protected site.


More or less like the Chasselas blanc.

Because of the big berries and clusters and the good taste, Chasselas rosé is sometimes also used as a table grape.


  • FR 36-5
  • FR 40
  • FR 41
  • FR 42
  • FR 43