The origin of the Sylvaner is not quite clear. It is sure, that it is a very old variety which was spread very widely in Germany. After World War II it was the most commonly planted variety in Germany.


Gruener Silvaner, Silvaner, Oesterreicher

Requirements to the vineyard site:

Sylvaner needs a relatively good site to get ripe. There is a susceptibility for chlorosis which has to be observed while choosing rootstock and site. On not well-suited sites the wood ripens not enough, so that it could get problems with frosts in winter.


It is mostly planted in Germany and there in the region of "Rheinhessen" and  "Franken". There are also plantings in  Alsace and in Switzerland.


In the 20th century Sylvaner was the first variety which had a constant yield year after year. For this reason it was often used for cross-breeding.


  • FR 49-124
  • FR 49-127
  • Wü 78
  • We 88
  • FR 2901