Sauvignon blanc


Sauvignon blanc is an old variety, that has been grown for a long time, especially in France. In France, it is mainly the Loire Valley which is well-known for its Sauvignon blanc wines.


Blanc Fumé, Fumé, Muskat-Sylvaner

Requirements to the vineyard site:

Sauvignon blanc need sites where you can also plant Pinot blanc. But because of the high risk of millerandage you should refrain from too windy sites.


In the Meanwhile all over the world.
France, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, California, South Africa, Italy


Sauvignon blanc clones mainly differ in their forming of the typical aroma and their yield. Loose bunches is the dream of every wine grower working with Sauvignon blanc, but if you have a good blossom usually they are mostly compact.

  • ENTAV-INRA 242
  • ENTAV-INRA 316
  • ENTAV-INRA 530
  • LB 50
  • 159 Gm


This clone is originally from France and has a medium yield with medium to high occurrence of the typical aroma. It is planted quite often.




Clone 316 is quite similar to 242. The vegetative growth is maybe not as strong as 242. For a few years it has been known, that this clone is infected by leafroll type II.



This is a so-called A clone. This means a clone with higher suggar content and lower yield. The typical aroma occurrence is very high.