Riesling - Rheinriesling


A very old variety, which is cultivated in Germany for over 500 years. According to latest genetic investigations, it should be a cross between the old grape variety Heunisch and a Traminer variety.


Weisser Riesling, Klingelberger

Requirements to the vineyard site:

 Due to its late maturity Riesling needs good to very good slopes, but they must not be too hot.


Mainly in the cool-climate wine-growing areas such as Germany, France (Alsace), Austria, Northern Italy, Australia, South Africa


Since it is a very old variety, there are many clones.

It must be said, that the clones of Riesling do not show many differences. It is a very stable variety.


DN 500

This clone is considered a quality clone with a very good yield.


Bk 68

This clones has a good yield with less grapes falling on the ground.


239 Gm

The 239 Gm is one of the most widely used clones from Geisenheim. He stands for good to very good yield with good sugar content.


N 90

This clone is known for its slightly more pronounced taste.


[Translate to English:] FR 52

The clone FR 52 is a clone of the wine-growing institute in Freiburg.


We 69

This is the best known Riesling clone from Weinsberg.