How should the young vines be cared?

The new planted vines need a very good care during their first year, in order to grow well.

If it is very dry you should water the vines soon. This improves the soil contact of the roots and therefore promotes the formation of the roots.

In the case of manual planting, the planting rods have probably already been applied before planting; in the case of mechanical planting, however, this should take place as soon as possible after planting so that subsequent stapling is possible without problems.

The early setting of the piles is advantageous, otherwise damage to the young vines can occur. Here you should know the direction of travel of the planting machine.

Preparation of the soil

Young vines like it "open" this means no grass and a lot of preparation. Anyway, you should do a bit of sowing in the machine tracks at sites where there is danger of erosion. In case of drought however, you should keep the sowing short.

In the underneath the vine surface a repeated tillage (mechanically or by hoe) brings a joyful growth. Of course, herbicides are also possible at peak times, but here it must be ensured that the green vine parts are not hit (plant shelters, highstem vines).

Seeding in the fall (at the latest) should promote soil stabilization over the winter.

Pest management

Besides fungus diseases such as oidium and peronospora, whereas oidium is no real problem in young vineyards, you should really care about mites. Especially the dangerous spider mites (Tetranychus urticae and Panonychus ulmi) but also rust mites can turn a young vineyard into a sorrow vineyard. Check therefore regularly the young vineyard and in case of infection react fast.

It can be a good idea to take cut off shoots from old vines to settle the predatory mite (typhlodromus pyri) on young vines.