choice of the rootstock

The choice of the rootstock is a possibility to respond to the given conditions, such as soil, water supply, trellising system and vineyard site. Actually, you can say the rootstock adapts the scion variety to these conditions.

From the amount of rootstocks which exist all over the world we've chosen the ones which grow best in our conditions. Most of them are a crossbreed between Vitis berlandieri and Vitis riparia.

The following table should give you an overview of the characteristics of these rootstocks:


drought resistance

Active lime-
influence of maturation
rooting ability
grafting ability
5 BBV. Berlandieri
V. riparia
6720 %7478


very good adaptibility
not suitable for varieties which are endangered to shattering on vigorous soils
125 AAV. Berlandieri
V. riparia
5517 %6566


useable nearly everywhere except very weak and compacted soils. Good for varieties which endagered to shattering.
SO 4V. Berlandieri
V. riparia
4720 %5656good fertility and not to vigorous
doesn't like to high yields
  mostly used rootstock in Europe
BinovaMutation of SO 44720 %6656very close to SO4, a bit more vigorous

1 = low
9 = high

1 = late
9 = early