Auxerrois is probably a very old cross between Heunisch x Burgunder. This has been shown by genetic engineering analyzes.

The name probably goes back to the county of Auxerre in France.


Small Heunisch, Pinot Auxerois, Pinot Auxerrois, White Auxerrois

Requirements to the site:

Auxerrois needs a middle vineyard site, quite similar to Pinot Blanc


Auxerrois is mainly grown in Alsace and Luxembourg where it is mostly referred to as Pinot Auxerrois and is very often used in the Cremant. There are other areas in the Loire Valley.

In Germany, Auxerrois is grown on 267 ha (0.3% in 2018), most of which are in the Palatinate and in Baden.


There are relatively few clones, which do not differ much. From the Weinbauinstitut in Freiburg the D 64 and from Geisenheim the 20 Gm clones


The wines of the Auxerrois are mostly somewhat fruity and lighter in acidity than those of the Pinot Blanc.