Table grapes

In 2009, according to the Federal Statistical Office, a total of 250,000 tons of grapes worth 370 million Euros had been imported to Germany. With an average yield of 150 kg/ar this would be the total yield of the entire vineyard area of Baden (16,000 ha). This also means that on average every citizen consumes about 3 kg of table grapes per year.

According to these enormous numbers, it is not surprising that the cultivation of table grapes has become more and more popular, both for hobby gardening with grapes from the garden, but also in commercial horticulture as a real income possibility.

With our range of table grapes, we want to give you the opportunity to find and of course to grow the ideal variety for you.

Our varieties of table grapes are all suitable for cultivation in Germany or any country in with more or less the same weather and climate conditions (sprouting, ripening time).

This almost fungal resistant varieties may be good alternatives for the imported table grapes, since they must be treated with no chemicals, and therefore can be produced almost without any chemical residues.