Johanniter - resistant variety


This is a white fungus-proof cross of the Freiburg Wine Institute, which was bred in 1968 by the then director of Freiburg's vine breeding station, Dr. Johann Zimmermann. The name Johanniter was given the variety to remind to him.

Cross: Riesling x (Seyve-Villard 12-481 x (Ruländer x Gutedel))


FR 177-68

Requirements to the site:

Johanniter needs medium to good vineyard sites. For example, sites which are also suitable for Pinot blanc


There are plantings in many European countries, with the largest area being in Germany (2018: 124 ha).


Johanniter is already one of the older resistant varieties, which is still popular today due to the good wine quality. Good resistance to Downey and Powdery Mildew make it possible to partially reduce crop protection to two treatments.

In comparison to Riesling, the Johanniter has a somewhat milder acidity with a higher sugar content. The yields are in the upper part of the ones of Riesling.

On sites or in years with high risk of botrytis, Johanniter can get some problems with botrytis due to the sometimes compact grapes.


The Johanniter wines are usually strong with Riesling-like fruit and acidity.


So far only the "original clone" FR 340 is known.