Cabernet Sauvignon


If you call Pinot noir the king of the cool-climate red wines so Cabernet Sauvignon could be called this for the hot climates. It has become well known as a part of many Bordeaux wines.

Nowadays it is grown in nearly every wine growing region of the world.

According to recent DNA-studies it is a wild cross of Cabernet Franc x Sauvignon blanc.


Bidure Bordaoux, Bordeaux, Bordo, Bouchet, Bouschet Sauvignon

Requirements to the site:

Cabernet Sauvignon need quite good sites. In Germany for example only the best sites could be used. Even in the french midi it takes normaly until middle of october before it can be harvested.


Nearly in every wine-growing region of the world. More than 50.000 ha in France. Also big plantings in Chile, California, Australia, Argentina and South Africa.


Already in France there are more than 20 different clones. The main differences are yield and sugar content.