Muscaris - resistant variety


This is a white fungus resistant cross made by the Weinbauinstitut Freiburg.

Cross:  Solaris X Muskateller


FR 493-87

Requirements to the site:

Muscaris needs in contrast to Muscat only low to moderate sites. In Germany, the must of this variety weights hast mostly more than 90 degrees Oechsle.


For the moment not so much because the variety is new. There are plantings in Germany, Netherlands, Italy and France.


Resistance to downy Mildew ist very good and also the resistance to powdery mildew is good. So under normal conditions there are no or maximal one treatment against powdery mildew required.

A higher demand for magnesium can be treated with foliar application.


Muscaris has a pleasen aroma of Muskat. A good acidity gives a fresh taste. Sometimes you can also find aroma of Gewurztraminer.