Esca prevention with Vintec in the nursery

Esca has been causing some high losses in vineyards for years. The vines either die very quickly or show symptoms over several years and then die.

A cure is currently not possible with any preparation, as the causes of this disease (various wood fungus) sitting deep in the wood and so are safe from phytosanitary measures.

The only option at the moment is to prevent the infection.

For this purpose, since the beginning of 2019, Vintec has been approved. This remedy is also a fungus (Trichoderma Atroviride SC 1), which can prevent the colonization of the wounds by the Esca mushrooms. He (the Vintec mushroom), however, has to be in the vine before the Esca mushrooms (Phaemoniella chlamydospora (Pch) and Phaeoacremonium aleophilum (Pal)). Therefore, we offer our customers a precaution. We can treat the wood we use for grafting with this "good mushroom". Since the grafting of the vines already takes place in March of the previous year, this treatment must be made at this time.

For some very vulnerable varieties, we treated certain positions with Vintec. Please contact us to see if your desired position is available as treated with Vintec.

If you want to be sure that Vintec treated vines are available, they should be ordered in February of the year before planting. This means that vines to be planted in 2020 should be ordered in February 2019.

The price for this treatment will be between 0.15 and 0.30 € per vine.

According to the company Belchim, the application should be continued with Vintec in the first years of planting, so that a good colonization of the Vintec mushroom can be ensured. Here is a brochure of the company Belchim with important information on this topic.