Chasselas blanc


The Gutedel is one of the most ancient varieties of grapes. In many countries it is grown as a table grape. For winemaking, he is still only used in few areas such as: Switzerland, Germany (Markgraeflerland), Alsace


Gutedel, Fendant, Moster, Dorin 

Requirement to the site:

The requirements to the site where Chasselas is planted are a bit higher then Mueller-Thurgau. Especially the long time of flowering favourites a wind-protected site.


In Particular western Suisse around the Lake Geneva where it is often called Fendant, but also in the Markgraelferland, the german part between Freiburg and Basel. There are also very little spots in Spain and Alsace


  • FR 36-5
  • FR 32
  • D 26
  • D 50
  • D 136 S