Teinturier varieties

Although the clones of red wines are becoming more and more colorful and the yields of red wines are falling more and more, it is sometimes necessary to improve the color. This is usually done with so-called teinturier varieties. The opacity of these varieties is nowadays so good that blends of 2-3% are usually completely sufficient.

Especially in bad years, it is often not possible without this little help.

In the past, this was mostly done with Alicante-Bouchet cider from southern France and Spain, but This has not been allowed for a while now.

On these pages, we have put together a short overview of our most widespread teinturier varieties.

Dakapo and Cabernet Mitos are currently the most widely planted varieties of this category, as they have a significantly higher covering power than the older varieties such as Deckrot or Dunkelfelder.

With Piroso and Accent, now two resistant varieties are available for the first time. However, these are only grown on a small scale so far.