How should the vines be prepared before planting?

When the vines are collected from the nursery they usually come directly out of the cold store, where they were kept with ca. +4°C. To achieve a good growth, they should get used to the temperature at the site and the water budget should be upfilled.

The ideal steps you should take are:

One week before planting you contact your nursery that you want to collect the vines. So the nursery can organize and arrange your order to be collected.

After one or two days you can collect your vines. 

Please store your vines now at ca.10-12°C in the dark, so that they acclimatize to the temperatures.

Two days before planting it is necessary that you should put your vines into fresh water, so that they can absorb the water. Before this watering you can shorten the roots to your desired length.

Just right before planting you put the vines out of the water.

If you plant under hot and dry circumstances you should water your vines shortly after planting.